Doug Enyart

Doug Enyart

Like any other job, and I do consider serving as your US Representative a job, the prospective employee submits an application or résumé telling you about themselves.  My story is below…


I married my high school sweetheart on June 4, 1977.  We have three grown children and three grandchildren.  Kira, our youngest, is a 2010 graduate of Mizzou, with a major in English and a minor in German.  On June 2, 2014 she entered Officer Candidate School in Quantico, VA to become a US Marine Lieutenant.  Our middle child, Keith, lives near Park Hills with our five year old twin grandchildren, Tessa and Wyatt, and works for a local manufacturer.  Our oldest son, Erik, is a city planner and lives with his wife, Rachel, and daughter, Emily, in a small suburb near Tulsa, OK.  My parents are retired and live near Mountain View Missouri. 

I am the only candidate with military service. Upon graduating from high school I joined the United States Marine Corps, serving from 1975-79 on active duty. I had a “Secret” security clearance, learning and having regular instruction on the importance of keeping sensitive information away from enemy knowledge. Click here to see Honorable Discharge: Honorable Discharge


I remember vividly, the pride I felt the first time I saluted the flag as a US Marine. That was in Boot Camp on Parris Island, South Carolina. I arrived on the island on June 23rd, 1975, just in time to spend the hottest months of summer in a steam bath. From the third week of Boot Camp through graduation I was the “Guide On”. That is the recruit leader in charge of the platoon when the Drill Instructors are absent.

During the first year of marriage, my wife, Cheryl, kept track of the time I spent away on maneuvers. It totaled five and a half months. After that she didn’t bother. Sometimes I would go to work and just not come back. Sometimesfor a day or two, sometimes for weeks.  Usually we were not allowed to call our wives during the operation to let them know what was going on.

My Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) was 2531, Field Radio Operator.  Dubbed “The Voice of Command” it was our job to transmit messages from officers to and among different units.  Messages included air strikes, artillery fire, med-evacs, troop movement, and supply orders.  If anything moved or got done, the orders went through the radio operators.  We were also attached to combat units, making fine targets with radios and antennas on our backs.

Curiously, my father was a radio teletype operator in the army during the Korean Conflict.  And my daughter serves in Radar and Microwave communications in the Air National Guard.

I ended up serving two-two year tours as a Marine Reservist, keeping the door open to go back.  Probably, it was a good thing I did not, for sake of raising a family, but there is a sense of esprit de corps I shall always miss.

No sooner did I get off active duty and into inactive reserve status, and then the Iran Hostage Crisis developed.

I first came to the Christian faith in a small Baptist church through the efforts of my wife, prior to marriage. Since then I have served as a Royal Rangers leader, been involved with Promise Keepers and Walk to Emmaus, and led a men’s small group for five years. I’ve served three terms as president of Trinity United Methodist Men, and I have run the video for our church for the past 10 years.

Over the years my wife and I have been a part of several different churches, in different places. In southern California, while still in the Marine Corps, we attended a small house church most like a Baptist Church. Once we made the transition to college life, we began with a small in house church, but migrated to a Four Square church in a dome shaped building when the house church pastor was called to an established church in another state. After graduation from college we moved to a larger community, for better job opportunities, and began attending an Assembly of God church. When the opportunity for a permanent job as a forester came up in Missouri, we moved our young family to Rolla for a year, then on to Piedmont where we’ve been for the last 24 years. For 12 years we attended the Patterson Assembly of God, where my wife served on the Praise and Worship team, and I served as Royal Rangers leader. We had many friends in the local Methodist church through our Walk to Emmaus experience, and moved on to help create a new Methodist church, created out of two small and struggling Methodist churches – Trinity United Methodist Church. In the past 10 years at Trinity my wife has served on the Praise and Worship team, and in children’s church. Together we have led small groups in short studies of books such as Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Church”.

We have always considered ourselves Christians first, with no interest in the name on the particular church, only in the message.

Along the way my wife also served as the Wayne County Chair for Missouri Right to Life.

I’ve been in business since 1998, having walked away from a secure state job with nothing but a business plan, a telephone, and a child’s table and chair in the corner of a bedroom.

My family and I know very well the hardships and sacrifice it takes to build a business. For literally years I paid employees salaries well above the average for our area, and provided health insurance for them, along with other benefits, all the while taking little or nothing out for myself and my family, and going without health insurance. Profits were small and were reinvested into building the business up.

I know how to get the job done with a razor thin budget.

I am a consulting forester, providing services such as appraisals of standing timber, timber tax basis, timber marking, harvest supervision, forest management plans, and general land management. Over the years I or my employees have worked in eight different states. My client list includes private landowners, banks, insurance companies, investment corporations, local sawmills, non-government organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, state and federal agencies, and local towns and cities.

My career goals never included becoming a politician. I’ve spent most of my life educating, training, and molding myself into being the best forester I can be. Along the way I’ve acquired skills and experience I can use to bring fresh views, personal experience, and good old Missouri common sense to the job in Washington.

I put myself through college with a combination of the GI Bill, student loans, part-time jobs, and a lot of frugality. By the time I entered college I had a young family to support as well.

I studied forestry at Humboldt State University, located in the heart of the coastal redwood region of northern California. I earned my degree in forest management in 1985.

While at the university I served as Liaison Officer for the Forestry Club and the local chapter of the Society of American Foresters. I also served as Chief Forester of the forestry honor society Xi Sigma Pi. I co-authored the by-laws to establish a new student chapter of the Society of American Foresters.

My hobbies and interests include hiking and physical fitness, gardening, and reading. In 2009 my daughter-in-law talked me into signing up for a half-marathon (13.1 miles) race. That got me started in competitive racing. You can view the results of my last marathon (26.2 miles) with my bib number, 1925, at this link.

I invite anyone who wishes to come to Piedmont and talk to my fellow business owners. Ask them if they know me, and what they think about me. That goes for other business and community leaders in Patterson, Greenville, and Wayne County as well.


National Veterans Coalition

“Veteran, Families, + Friends Putting  America First At The Ballot Box.”

Dear Doug Enyart,

On behalf of the ‘thousands’ of members of the National Veterans Coalition (of the Constitution Party) I want you to know sir, I endorse your candidacy for the 8th Congressional District seat in the great state of Missouri. Also, thank you for your military service in the US Marine Corps. The National Veterans Coalition is the “veterans arm” of the Constitution Party, who believe in putting “America First” at the ballot box. God Bless you sir & God Bless Our Republic.


Larry Breazeale, Msgt (ret.), National Chairman

National Veterans Coalition

Deputy Sheriff LASD (ret.)

Veteran: Vietnam & Desert Storm