after going live on Twitch playing Fortnite, Jarvis’ account appears to have been banned

Almost immediately after going live on Twitch playing Fortnite, Jarvis’ account appears to have been banned by Epic Games, who were likely keeping a close eye on the broadcast since the content creator was defying their 2019 ruling.

Not even through his first match, the FaZe star was kicked out, and seemingly confirmed the ban in a followup tweet.

However, not everyone is sold on the whole situation – some fans believe that the whole event was staged for a YouTube video, since the message on the screen v buck generator simply stated that the account had been logged into elsewhere, not that it had been shut down completely.

This theory was further fueled by the fact that Jarvis had a cameraman at the ready for if and when something happened.

Some have presented a counter to this theory, however, as they’ve taken a deep dive into the game’s coding to determine that the account Jarvis was playing on, the one he claims to have been banned, was indeed shut down and is “not active.”

In either case, what took place was enough to get the attention of everyone in the Fortnite community – fans, pro players, and content creators alike. SypherPK, one of the biggest names in the scene, took to Twitter to share his take on the evening.


Jarvis was permanently banned by Epic Games nearly a year ago in 2019 after he was caught using hacks to cheat at Fortnite on stream.

On September 11, 2020, Jarvis announced he would be returning to play Fortnite on Twitch for the very first time since his ban. The only problem is, he’s still not unbanned, but it seems he’s going to try and play while pulling the wool over Epic’s eyes.

To try and avoid an instant hit from the ban hammer on the account he’ll be playing with, Jarvis will be covering his name on stream in an effort to stop Epic from discovering his tag and taking action.

How to watch Jarvis’ first Fortnite stream back on Twitch

Technically, Jarvis is still banned, so it would probably be wise to tune in as soon as possible if you want to catch some of the action. Even if he’s taking precautions and hiding his tag, Epic very well could have other ways of finding his account and banning him.

If you want to watch Jarvis hop back into Fortnite on stream for the first time in a year, he’ll be broadcasting on his Twitch channel (embedded below) starting at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST.

Why was Jarvis banned from Fortnite?

In case you missed the internet blowing up following Epic Game’s banning of Jarvis, the publisher handed a permaban to the FaZe Clan creator after he uploaded a series of videos in which he used an aimbot in matches on his alt account.

Although it wasn’t on his main account, or in a competitive setting, Epic still made the decision to ban Jarvis from the game permanently, effectively ending his Fortnite career right then and there.

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