Where To Visit Durr Burger Head, Dinosaur, And Stone Head Statue

the Durr Burger Head is located on a hill just east of Pleasant Park. The dinosaur can be found on the opposite end of the island; you’ll spot it to the south of Paradise Palms. Finally, the Stone Head can be found near the frozen lake to the north of Polar Peak. It resembles a Moai statue (with a rocking chair inexplicably on top), so it should be easy enough to spot. Once you visit all three, you’ll complete the challenge and earn 10 Battle Stars for your troubles.


We’ve marked each monument’s location on the map above to help you find them easily. You can also watch where we go to complete the challenge in the video at the top of this guide. For more Season X coverage, be sure to check out our Fortnite Season X hub, which we’ll continue to update as the season progresses.

Challenges are also structured much differently than before. In lieu of the standard weekly challenges, Epic v buck generator is grouping this season’s challenges together under different themes. These otherwise work much the same way as before. Each challenge you complete will score you Battle Stars, which will help level your Season X Battle Pass up and unlock this season’s new skins and other rewards.

Fortnite Season X Challenges

Road Trip

  • Visit Drift-painted Durr Burger Head, a Dinosaur, and a Stone Head Statue (3)
  • Deal damage to opponents while riding in a vehicle (200)
  • Destroy stop signs with the Catalyst outfit (10)

Teens are putting virtual money on ‘Fortnite

If you’re unsure what to get the young teen in your life for the holidays, you may want to put away the gift cards and cash in favor of spending money for the ever-popular video game Fortnite.

A survey of thousands of teens found that, for the first time, one of their most-requested gifts for this holiday season are “V-Bucks,” the virtual in-game currency used in “Fortnite: Battle Royale.” The annual report on teens’ holiday wish lists, from analyst firm Piper Jaffray, also saw another newcomer cryptocurrency, the ” money of the future .”

Fortnite, a multiplayer-last-man-standing type game, has exponentially grown in popularity since its Battle Royale mode launched in September 2017. The game’s creator, Epic Games, recently told Business Insider that Fortnite has amassed more than 200 million registered accounts.

While the game itself is free to play, players can use V-Bucks to purchase cosmetic items and unlock features in Fortnite. Yet the digital currency is a hot commodity players spend more than $200 million a month on V-Bucks.

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Players can earn currency by playing Fortnite, but the rate of return is pretty low. V-Bucks can be bought within the game the going rate in $10 for 1,000 V-Bucks. To put it in perspective, an outfit for a Fortnite, characters usually costs between 500 and 1,500 V-Bucks,

Fortnite: Battle Royale
Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale,

The popularity of the game and its minimum user age of 12 has unfortunately made Fortnite players targets for scammers . Thousands of websites have popped up, luring in players with promises of free V-Bucks in order to access users’ personal information.

The easiest way to buy V-Bucks, as a gift is going to be with a gift card for whatever gaming console your Fortnite-playing friend uses Xbox, PlayStation, etc. Players can redeem gift cards in the system’s devoted store for Fortnite V-Bucks.

The list of most-requested items this holiday season also features popular technology products from Apple, including iPhones, Watches, MacBooks, and Airpods.

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Fortnite: Waterside goose nests challenge explained

If you’re looking for the locations of Fortnite waterfalls, then you’ve come to right place. As the current season of Fortnite draws to a close, players have been given a fresh set of Fortnite Overtime Challenges to complete, to make sure there are no complaints about the lack of new weekly challenges available recently. To beat one of these new challenges you have to visit seven different Fortnite waterfalls, making this fairly innocuous piece of the scenery suddenly much more important. We’ve tracked down all 10 Fortnite waterfall locations, to provide you with a complete guide on where you can find them.

Fortnite Waterfall locations

On the map above we’ve marked the locations of all the Fortnite waterfalls, including the three smaller waterfalls in the middle of Loot Lake which all count as individual locations, making that the easiest area to rack them up.

If you follow the river that runs between Lazy Links and The Block to the north edge of the map, you’ll find a large waterfall running into the sea.

J4 – Middle of Lonely Lodge

Tucked away in the middle of Lonely Lodge, just to the east of the actual lodge building, is a little waterfall near some steps.

E4 – Central Loot Lake

These three small waterfalls in the middle of Loot Lake all count towards this challenge individually, making it a useful area to visit but also dangerous!

fortnite wailing woods shooting gallery

While it’s been awhile since Fortnite has included a shooting gallery challenge, this time around players only need to visit the one closest to Wailing Woods. The Shooting Gallery is located directly east of Wailing Woods towards the edge of the map at J3. Keep an eye out for a small patch of green on the eastern edge of the map to find the single tree with targets on it. To satisfy this requirement, players need to score a 5 or better by shooting targets that pop up randomly. Keep in mind that Wailing Woods is likely going to be a hot spot for players dropping in due to this challenge, so keep an eye out for other players while attempting this.

fortnite wailing woods shooting gallery

Week 10 also includes a handful of free challenges for non-battle pass owners which include getting eliminations with assault rifles, doing damage with scoped weapons, and damaging players with the chiller grenade or boogie bomb in different matches. For those with a Battle Pass, other challenges including deploying a mounted turret or a Damage Trap in different matches, searching chests at Dusty Divot or Lazy Links, and visiting all seven outpostsin a single match.

With the final week of Fortnite season 7 finally here, many players are expecting some interesting things to happen before the start of season 8. Earthquakes have been a big topic for the community recently after dataminers discovered files containing keywords related to a possible event. Players have already begun to speculate that the recently freed prisoner could potentially cause a cataclysmic event, even turning Polar Peak into an active volcano. Interestingly enough, some players have already begun reporting feeling light tremors in certain locations like Pleasant Park.


V-Buck scams have long been an unfortunate part of Fortnite Twitter. Fortnite: Battle Royale is one of the most popular games in the world, after all, and there are all sorts of people looking to take advantage of the hordes of children, teenagers and adults currently playing the thing. Legitimate Twitter feeds relating to Fortnite have long had giveaway scams for Skins, V-Bucks, accounts and more filling out the comment sections, and most are likely phishing scams designed to get your personal information. A little while ago, Epic had to release a statement warning Twitter users against these scams and the official Twitter feed, at least, has significantly fewer V-Buck offers than it used to.

But the scams are big on YouTube, which has struggled with content moderation regarding everything from conspiracy theories to culturally offensive superstars in recent months. Polygon has a new report about the embattled video hosting giant’s insufficient attempts to deal with V-Buck giveaway videos that multiply faster than automated or human moderators can take them down — and that’s only if they try to do so. A quick search on YouTube for “Free V-Bucks” currently yields 4.4 million results — some are just misleading, others are likely true scams that ask users to provide their email addresses or download an app. A number of videos appear to have remained on the site despite repeatedly being flagged for Fortnite community members, as well. And those are only the ones that appear in search: Polygon also reports a scam involving unlisted videos that avoid moderation by staying out of search function but are nonetheless able to make their way into advertisements.

These scams aren’t anything new in the world of free-to-play games, but the colossal scale of Fortnite, as well as its popularity with kids, makes it an even bigger problem this time around.

So it should be noted that there is a legitimate way to get free V-Bucks in game, however not in the game mode you’re most familiar with. Fortnite: Save the World is the PvE counterpart to Battle Royale, and like many games of its type, it contains a plethora of ways to earn free premium currency, from daily quests to story missions and more. If you’re curious about earning V-Bucks that way, Free the V-Bucks is a resource for anyone who has a notion to try out Fortnite’s PvE mode as a way to get some currency to spend in Battle Royale.