But why are Fortnite streamers playing way less than before?

Fortnite Season 3 came shortly after one of the worst content droughts the game has ever seen. Chapter 2, Season 2 of Fortnite was among the longest-running season, with little to no updates, making the game feel monotonous and unexciting for many.

Among the worst-hit were the content creators, who were seemingly struggling to produce new content to keeps their colossal fan base entertained. During Chapter 2, Season 2, Fortnite also saw a massive incline in streamers turning away to play other Battle Royale titles, primarily due to the aforementioned reasons. 

However, Fortnite’s Season 3 great ‘water’ refresh seems to have worked in Epic’s favor, essentially reviving the game and pulling back a majority of their player base back, while adding new ones with each passing day.

Recently, a popular Fortnite streamer and Youtuber, SypherPK talked about how the current season is successfully filling in all the voids that Chapter 2, Season 2 did not.

WATCH: SypherPK on Fortnite Season 3

Over-all balance returning to the game, while still retaining variety.

The Mythic items in Season 2 were undoubtely fun to use. However, a majority of the Fortnite community agreed that these weapons were often over-powered, some near impossible to counter; the infamous Brutus minigun for instance, was one arguably one of the worst weapon to go against due to it’s nutty fire rate, along with a minimal cooldown time, which made matters even worse.Advertisement

While the mythic weapons in Fortnite Season 3 are still powerful, Sypher proclaims that they are equally as balanced.

The grappler in Season 2 that allowed players free v bucks generator to take high-ground and shoot at the same time, has now been replaced with Jules’ grappler which forces player to open their glider after each use, allowing for an even playing field for both parties. (the one attacking, and the one on recieving end)

The shotgun in Fortnite season 3, however, still remains to be a controversial topic. Sypher argues that Epic should consider adding a close-range item slightly more optimal than the currently available ‘Charge’ shottie.

But why are Fortnite streamers playing way less than before?

In the same video, SypherPK also sheds light on why popular Fortnite streamers; namely, Ninja, Nickmercs and TimTheTatMan having been playing the game sparringly. 

A simple look at Ninja
A simple look at Ninja’s Youtube upload timeline reveals his disinterest in Fortnite (Image Credits: Ninja)

Naturally, one would assume that a new season of Fortnite would be reason enough for content creators to grind at the game. However, Sypher explains how ‘lack of action’ could be one the major factors driving the said streamers away from the game.

Sypher compares Fortnite with another popular BR title, while stating Fortnite has barely any players left in the game before the first ‘safe zone’ arrives – highlight a potential issue with Fortnite’s pacing. 

This in turn makes the over all game play mundane, especially for streamers who have a legion of followers watching their stream. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to watch their favourite streamer farm materials an entire game. Viewers tune into streams to witness ‘action-packed’ content which is getting increasingly hard to generate in Fortnite.

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