Epic Games’ secret skin has yet to be revealed


Each week see Epic Games provide seven challenges, each one helping to unlock new tiers in the season 5 battle pass.

But those dedicated individuals who manage to complete all of them also get the chance at grabbing a secret hidden bonus battle star.

This will unlock another battle pass tier but is also part of something even bigger, the season 5 Road Trip challenge.

This replaced the Blockbuster challenge of season 4 but does pretty much the same thing.

By completing all the challenges put in from of them by Epic Games, they will unlock an exclusive in or after Week 7.

So that may help to explain why things are running a little differently this week.

These are usually released on Thursdays and will mean an extra 24hr wait for fans on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mobile.


Commenting on the changes, a recent message from Epic Games confirms: “Patch v5.30 is right around the corner! It will release later in the week on Thursday, August 23.

“Week 7 Challenges will become available Friday, August 24.”

But while fans have to wait a little longer to get into the new Fortnite challenges, they should at least be prepared.


The new week 7 challenges have been leaked online, meaning fans get a closer look at what’s coming next.

From what has been revealed this week, it looks like Fortnite v buck generator fans will be searching for chests in Lucky Landing and following a new Treasure Map in Pleasent Park.

They will also need to score SMG eliminations and search supply drops around the Battle Royale island.

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