Fortnite Chapter 2’s map is stocked with landmarks

Fortnite Chapter 2’s map is stocked with landmarks, little unlabeled points of interest that sit in between the bigger ones, and there are a lot to take in. The previous map had a lot of similar things, but landmarks now have official names, and they’re discoverable as discrete places when you’re unlocking the map. They also form the basis of a lot of these location-based challenges we’re seeing here in the first season, and we’re going to visit 3 for our Week 4 challenges, “dockyard deals”. Let’s dig in: to start with, here’s a map, guide and location for where to find the boat launch.

We’re going to want to look for some water to find a boat launch, right? Well, no. This is Fortnite v buck generator, things are weird, and the boat is going to be launched in much more dramatic fashion than just being pushed out into the water. You’re looking for a sort of hill/ridge in the south of the island by Misty Meadows. Here’s where you’re dropping:

That will be your boat launch. It’s really only handy if your boat happens to travel on land as well as water, which as luck would have it, it does. There’s a lot of topography in this area, and it’s easy to get lost. Just remember that this is what you’re looking for:

All you need to do to complete this portion of the challenge is show up, so just hop on over and make your progress. If you’re looking to gear up before getting out and fighting, your best bet is probably Misty Meadows itself, though there are some smaller areas with chests and such around here if you’re wary of encountering whatever is happening over there.

There are a ton of smaller secrets to be found on this map, and we’re still getting our heads around it, really. It’s been pleasant here in the first month of Chapter 2: it used to be when I saw location challenges on the old map, I’d know right off the top of my head where something was. Now I have to look, even when things are named.

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