Fortnite V-Bucks — Not As Innocent As Meets The Eye


Fortnite’s V-Bucks, the preeminent “Battle Royale” video game’s in-house currency, are innocuous, right? To many, including myself, that would seem to be the case. Save for the whole premise of microtransactions and “pay to play” gaming experiences (Epic Games essentially sells lines of codes to generate millions, if not billions in revenue), V-Bucks are (almost) as innocent as things get.

Step one: purchase a Fortnite gift card, or use digital Mediums of Exchange (MoE) to deposit fiat. Step two: buy V-Bucks, watch your account balance skyrocket. Step three: buy items and have fun… I guess?

As I am a devout advocate for practicing forced Fortnite abstinence (unlike many of my fellow millennials),free v bucks generator no human verification nintendo switch I’m not too sure how much pleasure is derived from spending cold, hard cash on V-Bucks. (Maybe I should hop on the train, but I’m not getting the Fear of Missing Out.)

But, considering Epic Games’ purported well, epic, profits, some are evidently enamored with the system. To them, it must be money well spent. Rumor has it, certain Fortnite diehards have spent dozens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands to watch their on-screen stats skyrocket. As the adage goes, “to each their own.” And with all that in mind, I’ve effectively come to the conclusion that yes, V-Bucks are purity in a digital form.

Yet, per a deep-dive report from The Independent, U.K.’s premier media outlet, this isn’t the case. Far from, in fact.

Per the news portal, the digital asset has made its way into the realm of organized crime. In fact, after sleuthing through online black markets, only accessible via Tor, The Independent determined that these shadowed marketplaces are filled to the brim with V-Bucks. No, this isn’t your average “GET FREE V-Bucks, ACT FAST” swindle, these V-Bucks are the real deal. As bonafide lines of code can get, anyway.

In collaboration with Sixgill, a leading cybersecurity firm, the Brit-run outlet revealed that V-Bucks obtained via stolen credit cards, an accessory associated with money laundering schemes, were being liquidated en-masse. Corroborating Fortnite’s newfound, still growing presence on the dark web, Sixgill also determined that mentions of “Fortnite” have skyrocketed in correlation with the game’s swelling profit figures.

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