fortnite wailing woods shooting gallery

While it’s been awhile since Fortnite has included a shooting gallery challenge, this time around players only need to visit the one closest to Wailing Woods. The Shooting Gallery is located directly east of Wailing Woods towards the edge of the map at J3. Keep an eye out for a small patch of green on the eastern edge of the map to find the single tree with targets on it. To satisfy this requirement, players need to score a 5 or better by shooting targets that pop up randomly. Keep in mind that Wailing Woods is likely going to be a hot spot for players dropping in due to this challenge, so keep an eye out for other players while attempting this.

fortnite wailing woods shooting gallery

Week 10 also includes a handful of free challenges for non-battle pass owners which include getting eliminations with assault rifles, doing damage with scoped weapons, and damaging players with the chiller grenade or boogie bomb in different matches. For those with a Battle Pass, other challenges including deploying a mounted turret or a Damage Trap in different matches, searching chests at Dusty Divot or Lazy Links, and visiting all seven outpostsin a single match.

With the final week of Fortnite season 7 finally here, many players are expecting some interesting things to happen before the start of season 8. Earthquakes have been a big topic for the community recently after dataminers discovered files containing keywords related to a possible event. Players have already begun to speculate that the recently freed prisoner could potentially cause a cataclysmic event, even turning Polar Peak into an active volcano. Interestingly enough, some players have already begun reporting feeling light tremors in certain locations like Pleasant Park.

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