Fortnite: Waterside goose nests challenge explained

If you’re looking for the locations of Fortnite waterfalls, then you’ve come to right place. As the current season of Fortnite draws to a close, players have been given a fresh set of Fortnite Overtime Challenges to complete, to make sure there are no complaints about the lack of new weekly challenges available recently. To beat one of these new challenges you have to visit seven different Fortnite waterfalls, making this fairly innocuous piece of the scenery suddenly much more important. We’ve tracked down all 10 Fortnite waterfall locations, to provide you with a complete guide on where you can find them.

Fortnite Waterfall locations

On the map above we’ve marked the locations of all the Fortnite waterfalls, including the three smaller waterfalls in the middle of Loot Lake which all count as individual locations, making that the easiest area to rack them up.

If you follow the river that runs between Lazy Links and The Block to the north edge of the map, you’ll find a large waterfall running into the sea.

J4 – Middle of Lonely Lodge

Tucked away in the middle of Lonely Lodge, just to the east of the actual lodge building, is a little waterfall near some steps.

E4 – Central Loot Lake

These three small waterfalls in the middle of Loot Lake all count towards this challenge individually, making it a useful area to visit but also dangerous!

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