Kquid is a decorated and respected Fortnite pro

Recently, Australian Fortnite pro, Kai ‘Kquid’ Eaton, received a seemingly unjust ban from Fortnite during the FNCS. According to the player, he was unable to open Fortnite on his primary PC and went to his organization’s house to play on their setup – only to receive another ban while he was there.

Kquid is a decorated and respected Fortnite pro in the OCE scene – placing highly in several tournaments, including fifth at the Australian Open Summer Smash tournament this past February. A large portion of the community rallied behind Kquid when he received the ban, including popular Australian creator Lachlan and professional commentator AussieAntics.Advertisement

The Fortnite pro defended himself with such confidence that it was easy to believe he was banned for no reason. Kquid seemed sure that the ban would go away in a day or so – especially with such high-profile personalities defending him.

Nearly a week later, however, the ban has yet to be lifted. This made some fans think that it may have been legitimate. Fellow Australian Fortnite creator, Serpent, claims that the ban was warranted and that Kquid was using a program that gave him aim assist on keyboard and mouse.Advertisement

Serpent uploaded a video to Twitter, detailing his accusations.

Kquid reportedly received word of the upcoming video and posted a now-deleted Twitlonger in response. The video showed that Kquid had some suspicious files on his desktop. Kquid responded by saying that he tried to use them during Season 9 but factory-reset his computer since then.

Serpent went on to accuse Kquid of multiple shady practices, including scamming wagers, using macros, and faking a giveaway. After his original video, Serpent went so far as to accuse Kquid of using an actual aimbot during a Fortnite tournament.

Kquid told his Twitter followers fortnite v bucks generator that a statement is coming soon. “Just wanting to work on it super professionally … back up every single point with nothing else that can be said back,” he wrote.

We’ll update you when Kquid posts his response to these accusations. These are all accusations at the moment and should be treated as such. His ban still stands, though, which inherently gives these accusations some credibility – whether or not Kquid is innocent.

The only way we’ll truly know the reason for this ban is if Epic discusses it, which they probably won’t. The only ban that they’ve ever addressed was of XXiF and Ronaldo during the World Cup. People like Jarvis, Kreo, and Dubs have all been banned without a word from Epic.HERO WARS|SPONSOREDGetting this Treasure is impossible! Prove us wrongCONFLICT OF NATIONS : WORLD WAR 3|SPONSOREDIs this the most addictive World War 3 strategy game? Register and play Conflict of Nations now for free!FORGE OF EMPIRES|SPONSOREDIf You Like to Play, this Strategy Game is a Must-Have. No Install.RELATED TOPICS:FORTNITE AIMBOTFORTNITE CHEATINGKQUID FORTNITEKQUID FORTNITE CHEATINGSERPENT FORTNITE


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