That didn’t really happen last season

Fortnite is heading toward the end of Chapter 2, season 2, which will finish in mid-June. And like past seasons, we are starting to see an event “ramp-up” that will likely alter the map significantly in some way.

That didn’t really happen last season. There were rumors about the power plant blowing up or dam breaking, but that didn’t happen. Instead, we got the new Spy Bases simply popping into existence. This time, however, something else seems like it’s going down.

For a while now, Fortnite players have been tracking a “Doomsday Device” that has not appeared on the map, but rather in Season 2’s elaborate series of interactive menus. The past few weeks we have seen new tubes threading its way all over this interior space, and leading to a giant orb-like device in Midas’ office. You can only see ab it of it, but HypeX managed to snag a full shot of it above, and as of this week the device is now “active.”Today In: Games

Fortnite EPIC

What appears to be the “story” here is that Team SHADOW is about to invade Team GHOST’s headquarter at The Agency and take it over, judging by a new series of challenges called “Storm the Agency” which make that development pretty straightforward.

This will likely mean that the Doomsday Device will be activated inside the Agency to end the season. Right now, the only in-game indicator we can see of something v buck generator beginning to happen is a ring of clouds that are forming above the Agency. It’s only the barest wisps, but no, this is not a normal formation. If you drop into the Agency, you can see that the clouds are actually on a layer far below the high “skybox” clouds which are a normal part of the game. So yes, this is part of this, and I would expect the formation to get more pronounced in time.

Fortnite EPIC

So, what’s the Doomsday Device going to do? The obvious assumption is that with next season teasing a water-based theme, that it is going to cause some sort of map damage leading to flooding in significant parts of the map. This is what both in-game hints and out-of-game leaks suggest, though the exact details remain unclear.

Supposedly we are about to get a countdown timer to whatever is going to happen pretty soon, and like what normally happens with these “you had to be there” events, we may get v bucks generator to witness this destruction and map transformation firsthand. Whatever goes down, I predict it will be more significant than last season, and may be Epic trying some new form of destruction we haven’t seen before.

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