These are the cosmetics from patch 8.30 for Fortnite


In the latest Fortnite patch 8.30 there are again some cosmetics that have already been geleaked. We show you the outfits that are coming to the shop soon.

You know that about the skins: So far, these outfits have only been found in patch 8.30 . They are not yet in the game and should be released gradually.

We introduce you to the Dataminer finds, so you know what’s coming fortnite v bucks generator up soon.

These are the cosmetics from patch 8.30 for Fortnite

These are the new skins: Only two skins were found in the latest patch. But the fire skin in a red suit is a real eye-catcher.

These picks were found: 4 pickaxes are waiting for you in patch 8.30. So you will soon be able to beat up your opponents with a banana or a palm tree.

These back covers are new: 2 back covers were discovered. This includes a decker who is likely to be part of Season 8’s legendary secret skin , which was recently shown for the first time.

These are the new liveries: In patch 8.30, 3 new liveries are waiting for your weapons and vehicles. This will allow you to accept 3 new colors.

These emotes are also new: Completed are the finds of 2 emotes, which were also discovered in the new game data. One of the emotes shows you how to open a chest with a key.

This is important when buying: The finds are exclusively cosmetic items. So you will not get better if you buy these outfits. You only change your appearance.

When will the cosmetics come to the shop? Until the next patch these outfits should be published. So that should happen over the next few days and weeks.

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