This concept of blind Loot Boxes called V-Buck Llamas


But this practice has been under scrutiny for the past few years as it has been linked to encourage gambling within underage children.

As per the report by Telegraph, the UK Gambling Commission has even mentioned that while loot boxes are not illegal in this country, the process of it somewhat ‘blurs the lines’ between video games and gambling.

This concept of blind Loot Boxes called V-Buck Llamas ( V-Buck being the in-game currency and Llamas being the colourful pinatas that have to be cracked open to find a random selection of in-game goodies) was also being used in Fortnite ‘Save the World‘.

These Llamas could be gained through the gameplay or by paying real money for purchasing V-Bucks. Now Epic Games which is the owner of free v bucks no human verification ios has announced that there is an update underway which will change this process of buying Llamas.

The company now plans to offer X-Ray Llamas. This means that the players will now be able to see the random items which these boxes contain before buying them. Also, the players can even wait for the daily refresh to take place to see if the next batch of Llamas brings in more appealing goods.

This change will also give out the information of whether these Llamas are going to get upgraded, improving the loot inside.

Epic is also trying to keep a check and avoid duplication of items in these X-Ray Llamas. In simple words, it is trying to make sure that if a Llama is planning to give a player a rare shotgun, then the game will give a shotgun which the player doesn’t already have in their collection.

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